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Published 21/11/2016

Shopping for a new laptop is always a daunting proposition, but if there’s one thing that can take the sting out of the experience, it’s the promise of massive savings on a Black Friday deal.

So, whether you’re shopping for a cutting-edge powerhouse to run the latest games, a bargain Chromebook for web browsing and video, or a shiny Apple MacBook for a fraction of the usual price, read on for our guide to securing the best laptop deals for Black Friday 2016.

Windows laptops


The world may love to moan about Windows, but it remains the de facto standard for many, as well as the operating system of choice for those on the hunt for a gaming rig. And Black Friday 2016 is the perfect time to hunt down an ultrabook deal or a bargain gaming laptop.

It’s worth paying close attention to the spec of your discounted machine, since retailers often use the Black Friday shopping frenzy to sell off older tech. In terms of a processor, look for Intel’s Skylake, or 6th generation, processors (denoted by a four-figure product code that starts with a 6).

Gamers, meanwhile, should keep an eye out for Nvidia’s new 10 series graphics cards, which have proved hugely more capable and power-efficient than the previous generation of GPUs. That said, the arrival of these Pascal cards should mean deep discounts on laptops featuring Nvidia’s older 9 series cards, so there could be big savings on offer there, too.

US Deals

UK Deals



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Apple’s line of laptops seems pleasingly simple, with only the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro to choose from. In reality, there is still a number of different configurations, so consider your storage, portability, and battery life requirements before making a purchase.

And while Apple itself isn’t in the habit of offering hefty discounts on its laptop lineup, third-party sellers are often more willing to offer savings, especially if you’re happy with a machine that’s a generation behind the current cutting-edge. Apple is widely expected to launch updated versions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in September, so existing stock could be sold off as Black Friday bargains.

It’s worth noting that Apple offers a handsome educational discount, too, so students and teachers can benefit from reasonable reductions on the latest Apple products. Refurbished models are also a good way to pick up a cheap MacBook for Black Friday 2016.




Google’s Chrome OS may not be well suited to video-editing or gaming applications, but what these machines lack in power, they make up for in affordability. And since the operating system itself is so lightweight, you can end up with a nippy little low-cost laptop that’s perfect for web-browsing and video streaming. Come Black Friday 2016, these bargain laptops will be even cheaper.

It’s worth taking the time to do a little research, however, as speed, display quality, and battery life can all vary considerably within this category, even between two machines from the same manufacturer. So, once you’ve identified a bargain, it’s well worth reading a few reviews before taking the plunge.





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