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After spending a few weeks with the Acer Aspire Cloudbook 14, I like it.  It’s about as much laptop as you’re going to get for under $200.  The OS is not limited, it runs Windows 10.  The limitation is going to be the processor and storage.  Expect to surf the web, check your e-mail and do some basic image editing.  I was impressed that it played HD Netflix video like a champ.  Don’t expect it to run high-end games.  It just doesn’t have oomph.

Performance wise, it’s exactly as I expected.  My complaints are about the screen and the trackpad.  The screen seemed dim and didn’t have a great field of vision.  It’s nice that the screen is so big but personally I’d prefer a smaller screen that is brighter.

My other complaint is that the trackpad is less than stellar.  It works, but it feels “plasticy.”  I found myself missing the click point often.  I have to admit that I use a MacBook Air daily so I have become accustomed to that trackpad, which is one of the best.  None the less, I just felt like I had a hard time getting used to the trackpad on the Cloudbook.

Despite my few issues, we have to remember, this laptop is $200!  For that price you won’t find a better Windows laptop.  Period.  If you don’t need Windows I think you’ll find better performance on low-end Chromebooks, Acer even makes some of them.  If you need Windows 10, this is the best low-end model you’ll find.

You can find more info about the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook on their website.

The best deal I found was a refurbished model for just $140 on Groupon!  If you’re comfortable buying refurbished, this is a steal.



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