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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Microsoft’s new so-called ultimate laptop, the Surface Book, hit the market Monday.

It is the first laptop that Microsoft has built and released on the market, and there is a lot of buzz behind it. In fact, it is sold out on Amazon.

And if you order one now through Microsoft, it is shipping in 3-5 weeks. So, why is this convertible device so popular? And who benefits from using the Surface Book?

“It’s the first laptop we built and the first device we built specifically for Windows 10,” a Microsoft spokesman said.

It really is the laptop re-imagined to go beyond the mouse and keyboard to allow you to work in new ways. If you are a Windows user, and you want the ultimate Windows laptop, here you go.

So far, it’s looking like Microsoft’s first attempt at a laptop is a success. It’s shaping up to be a true competitor to Apple’s popular MacBook line.

The surface book is a laptop first and a tablet second. They actually call the screen that pops out a clipboard. But it’s a slate or a tablet.

The convertible devices on the market right now that blend tablets with a notebook experience are not easy to use on your lap. The surface book feels and acts like a regular laptop.

So, this is the first really lapable convertible device. That’s thanks to this new type of hinge they invented.

The backlit keyboard, the trackpad, the front facing camera, and the rear facing camera are all high quality. The specs on this thing are impressive.

It’s a powerful machine packed with horsepower for professionals. And it can achieve 12 hours battery life.

“It’s a surface laptop, so has 10 points of touch on screen and comes with a surface pen,” the spokesman said.

And that surface pen can reside right on the side of the clipboard. There is a magnet holding system in place. This can help users not lose the pen.

“So you can also use draw mode. You flip it around, and it becomes a handy drawing clipboard,” the spokesman said.

The surface book pro is a high end device — it’s expensive. It’s for serious Windows users. It starts at $1,500. You can order it online or in a Microsoft store.


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