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If you have an older laptop, prepare for it to stop working.

Consumer Reports took an in-depth look at computers on the market and found once a laptop reaches its fifth year, 25 percent encountered serious problems, often catastrophic. But one brand tops the rest when it comes to reliability. 

Kassidy Graham sells computers at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City. Apple’s MacBook is a top seller.

“It is paper thin, light, it is aluminum which can be more durable than the plastic,” she said.

And they’re the most reliable.

According to a recent Consumer Reports’ investigation, Apple laptops are far less likely to need repairs than other brands. After the third year of ownership, there’s just a ten percent chance Apple laptops will have a problem.

That is less than Windows laptop brands like Samsung, Gateway Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Dell and Asus, which ranged from 16 percent to 19 percent.

“Well, our survey finds that the more you use your laptop, the more likely it is to break. However, with Apple, people use them quite a bit, yet they still have a very low failure rate,” said Consumer Reports Survey Research manager Karen Jaffe.

Graham agrees but says everybody’s experience varies.

“I have people that tell me their computer lasted six months, and I have people tell me their computer lasted 10 years. I hear that’s across all brands,” she said.

Repairing an Apple laptop is usually more expensive, often costing $300 or more which is more than three times the cost to fix Windows-based laptops.

To prevent breakdowns, Graham urges having a strong anti-virus and paying attention to the battery life.

“Just make sure you aren’t letting the battery drain all the way down, and make sure you aren’t overcharging it by leaving it plugged in all the time. Those two things can cause the battery life to go down,” Graham said.

If a laptop stops working, users may be able to solve the problem themselves.

Consumer Reports says first try closing any apps that aren’t being used, apps strain resources.

Second, try restarting the computer. That can free up the system’s memory. 

And finally, do some research because you might find a quick fix at a user forum or on an expert site online.

Consumer Reports says buying an extended warranty if you buy Apple is worth it. 

Also, with PC manufacturers, you have about a 50-50 chance of getting your problem fixed. Apple’s success rate is higher, solving the problem 83 percent of the time.

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