Surface Laptop review – Microsoft takes a risk but has it paid off? –


With its blistering performance, stunning screen and luxurious design the Surface Laptop is a portable PC worth considering.

Microsoft has created a laptop that you’ll love using and, with its ludicrous battery life, should never let you down.

It also feels well built with a truly excellent keybord and offers plenty of power for the average user.

However, like most things in life the Surface Laptop has its faults with a poor trackpad, lack of ports and locked down version of Windows 10 being more than a little frustrating.

Although the starting price is £979, if you opt for the fully loaded version it also gets very expensive and you won’t get much change from £2,200.

That said, if you’re after a Windows-powered PC that’s light, portable and mighty fine looking the Surface Laptop should definitly be on your wish list.


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