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The Delhi Police said on Sunday that six people have been arrested for allegedly stealing 38 laptop computers from a shipment of 140 and swapping them with tiles in south-east Delhi’s Okhla.

Five of the accused, Aadesh Kumar, Shailender Kumar, Subodh Rai, Mithun Kumar and Sanoj Kumar, were arrested earlier, while the sixth accused, Jayesh Nanji Desai, was held in Mumbai on Sunday, Deputy Commissioner of Police (south-east) Romil Baaniya.

Replaced with tiles

According to the police, the manager of Delex Cargo India Pvt. Ltd., Sandeep Sharma, told them that 140 laptops were loaded onto a vehicle from the company’s warehouse in Okhla to be transported to another warehouse in Dhorka in Gurugram on December 5.

“When they checked the shipment, 38 laptop computers were missing. The computers and chargers had been replaced with tiles,” said the DCP.

Suspects being quizzed

He added that a police team was set up to probe the incident and collected documents related to the shipment as well as GPS data of the vehicle. Suspecting that it was an inside job, the police questioned the vehicle driver, Aadesh.

The DCP said Aadesh confessed to his involvement in the incident, and led the police to four of the others involved. He added that 28 laptops with chargers were recovered as well as tiles.

Modus operandi

Stating that their friend Jayesh had come to Delhi from Mumbai few days back, the arrested men revealed that the conspiracy to steal the laptops was hatched then, Mr. Baaniya added.

According to the plan, Mithun and Shailender, who were working with the cargo company, loaded the laptops boxes in the vehicle driven by Aadesh. Mithun put a fake seal on the door. Later, Aadesh parked the vehicle in a lane near the warehouse.

The accused removed the seal from the door, followed by 38 laptops and chargers, and replaced them with stone tiles, the officer said.

They repacked the boxes and put the correct seal on the door of the vehicle.

After the incident, Jayesh took 10 laptops with him the next day to Mumbai. A special team was sent to Mumbai to arrest Jayesh.


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