Seagate breaks through the 1TB-per-platter barrier for laptop drives – Computerworld

Seagate has broken through the 1TB per platter barrier for 2.5-in., 7mm thick (laptop) hard disk drives (HDD).

The breakthrough, announced today, is significant in that Seagate can now produce HDDs for ultrathin laptops, which require a 7mm-high drive form factor or less.

The new drive is 25% lighter than the previous generation of Seagate mobile hard drives, weighing in at 3.17 oz.

screen shot 2015 09 01 at 12.26.19 pmSeagate

Seagate’s 2.5-in laptop hard drives.

Seagate did not say when the new, higher-capacity 7mm 2.5-in. drives would be available.


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