Save big on Dell laptops today with Microsoft’s Pi Day sale – Windows Central

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Links don’t work in the app…fix pls

If you mean the new app, the link works just fine. I just tried it.

Maybe he is in wp 8.1

Sent from Windows Central App for Hololens

No, the app where the majority of windows phone users are. W10M is still a minority %

agreed, you should probably support the app that more users are using.  Not to mention with the new update on the win10 app forces it to crash when opened. 

Lol I thought it was a case of “ignore the old app and make the new one work 100%” but it’s more a case of “neither apps work 50%” oh dear windows central, oh dear indeed.

I think support for the Windows / WP8.1 app ended a while ago, I don’t remember any significant updates other than the rebrand from Windows Phone Central.

TBH, it makes sense now to focus on the Windows 10 app, considering it includes people using it on Windows 10 PC too – It’s not cheap maintaining app (Have no idea how much WC paid or are paying for ongoing improvements, but I know how much work it takes to make the updates, and test them before releasing)

It would be interesting to know though (Assuming WC track it) how many article views the W8.1/WP8.1 app gets per day, versus the newer Windows 10 app on PC and Mobile.

No music pass on sale this year makes me sad

yep mine is done and i just cant renew at $99, I just simply dont use it enough to justify the price. It has potential but still needs much improvement. Down the road if it goes on sale or they make some huge advances i will try it again but untill then i am happy with my Pandora One subscription.

Damn I always miss out on it and was hoping I could get it this year even though I’m in the UK. I pay monthly at the moment but would rather just pay up front if I cab get a good saving

As someone who took advantage of this deal last year, I will not be renewing when it expires.  While the apps for Windows 10 desktop and mobile are ok (although the glaring omission of playback controls on the desktop (tablet) touch screen is mind boggling), the app for iPhones is absolute garbage.  

Yes, it plays music, if you are lucky.  It crashes while playing songs or trying to skip songs.  Many times I try to play a downloaded song, only to see “We cannot connect to Xbox Music now” message.  And to add insult to injury, they have not updated the app in nearly 2 years to take advantage of higher resolution iPhone screens.  

Yes, these are first world problems, but SO has spotify and I am considering joining the family plan considering the decent iPhone app, shared playlist and genre selection choices.

Too bad… No groove music deal -.-

Don’t see this in french MSSTORE

Sadly the rest of the world will never have a pi day. 3/14 doesn’t exist as there aren’t 14 months :P

I ended up impulse buying the Inspiron with the i7 processor. I hardly ever use my current laptop outside of work, but it is a 2009 XPS, which has really started to show its age. Hopefully this one will be able to play my old games at a higher graphics setting.

THis is an awesome deal! I just got a new surface book, and my wife is not ready to upgrade yet, so I have nowhere to go with it. But I will certainly be telling people about it. 31.4% is a lot to take off a laptop price. It has to be well below cost, at least for Microsoft.

I’m still using my Surface Pro 3 and planning to keep that for about another 18 months I think (at least) – You guys get some great deals in the US though, definitely a large % discount for a laptop.

No groove subscription for 31.41?


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