Ranking the 10 Best Laptops You Can Buy Right Now (May 2016) – Paste Magazine

Just when the industry seemed convinced that laptops were going to go the way of the desktop, in the last couple of years we’ve been getting some of the most inventive reimaginings of everyone’s favorite form factor we’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, the kind of reinvention we’ve been getting in laptops didn’t come in the form of cheap gimmicks as they have in previous years, but instead just cheaper, thinner, more beautiful, more powerful, and more useful laptops than ever before. It’s this kind of engineering that proves to be that laptops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Fair warning: we’ve included Chromebooks on this list and we’ve ranked them according to what you get for the pricetag. So as of now, here’s our ranking of the best laptops you can buy right now.


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