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Macbook Pro
guest points to a new MacBook Pro during an Apple media event in


LAS VEGAS — CES was full
of wild stuff
. Drones that automatically follow you around.
Self-driving cars. A TV as thin as a credit card.

But while most of the show is about looking forward to what’s
next in tech, I had a lot of trouble staying in the present. I’m
in the market for a new laptop, and I was hoping the biggest
showcase of gadgets in the world would give me some good

Unfortunately, I left the show disappointed.

As a Mac user since 2004, I had high hopes last fall for Apple’s
redesigned MacBook Pro. I still think it’s probably the best
laptop around
, but not without some serious caveats, most
notably its
battery life issues
. After giving it some more thought, I
decided that was a dealbreaker and my search continued.

Macbook Pro with touch bar
The new MacBook Pro’s
battery life problems turned out to be a deal

Hollis Johnson/Business

I’d still like to avoid making the jump to Windows or one of
Google’s Chromebooks, but the rest of the MacBook lineup is
horribly flawed. The MacBook Air is great, but it still has that
old, low-resolution screen and the same basic design from over
six years ago. Ouch.

Then there’s the newer, super-thin MacBook. While I’m in love
with the design and ultra-portability, it’s slightly underpowered
for my needs, and I’m not confident it’ll last me more than a
couple of years before I need to upgrade again.

I just don’t feel confident buying a new MacBook today.

So, what else is there?

I suddenly find myself Windows-curious.

After a disastrous run with Windows 8, Microsoft has redeemed
itself with Windows 10, which finally feels like a mature
operating system and an enticing alternative for Mac lovers like
me. Over the last year, laptops running Windows 10 feel a
step ahead of what we’re seeing in the MacBooks. Touchscreens.
Thoughtful, opinionated designs. And plenty of power under the

The MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar has some clever uses, but it
falls short of what’s possible with a full touchscreen. (Apple
remains steadfast in its position that laptops shouldn’t have

dell xps 13 2-in-1
The new Dell XPS looks
interesting, but it doesn’t have enough power.

Business Insider/Jeff Dunn

But even the newest Windows 10 laptops don’t cut it for me. Dell
introduced a new version of its XPS 13 laptop with a touchscreen
that folds over into a tablet mode, but like the MacBook, it
doesn’t have enough power for me. I’m intrigued by HP’s Spectre
laptops, but the design doesn’t exactly blow me away. Same with
the latest stuff from Lenovo. I’ve also been testing Microsoft’s
latest Surface Book, which seems like the best of the bunch to
me, except I’m not wild about the detachable screen.

Plus there are still a few quirks with Windows 10 that bother me,
like the lack of touch-friendly tablet apps.

What about Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are the wild card.

They’re great for doing just about everything you want to do on a
computer, but still have some limitations when it comes to
running traditional apps.
Samsung had the biggest Chromebook announcement of CES
releasing two touchscreen models that can run Android apps.

But Chromebooks and ChromeOS, Google’s operating system for these
laptops, are in a weird transition period right now. Google is
gearing up to radically change ChromeOS and merge it with Android
into one super operating system for laptops, codenamed
“Andromeda.” As enticing as some Chromebooks may be, I think it’s
worth waiting to see what Google announces this fall before
investing in a Chromebook.

samsung chromebook
Samsung’s newest

Business Insider/Jeff

What now?

Buying a laptop used to be relatively easy. As a Mac loyalist,
I’d just get the best MacBook and be good to go for several
years. But that won’t work today. There are too many compromises
with every model in the MacBook lineup, and I can’t buy any of
them with confidence.

Making the leap to a new platform like Windows or ChromeOS comes
with its own problems. ChromeOS is still half-baked and it’ll be
several months before we see Google’s grand vision for it. And
while some Windows 10 laptops are intriguing, there’s no perfect
laptop, and it’s going to be awhile before we get some more

For now, the hunt continues.


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