Man swipes 3 Clinton staffers’ laptops from SUV in Philadelphia – New York Daily News

From Wikileaks to Wikithieves.

A Philadelphia felon fled with the laptops of three Clinton campaign advance staffers Friday night after smashing the rear passenger window of their 2016 Buick Enclave SUV, cops said.

The staffers discovered the break-in following dinner in the City of Brotherly love, cops said. The bandit snatched three backpacks, each one holding a MacBook Pro and other unidentified items.

Investigators had “no reason to believe” there was any sensitive information contained on the laptops, said Police Commissioner Richard Ross. Their SUV was not marked as a Clinton campaign car.

Clinton campaign spokesperson Stephanie Formas confirmed the staffers were robbed of some “personal belongings stolen from their vehicle.”

Cops told the campaign that “this appears to be a routine theft, and local law enforcement is handling the matter. We have confidence they will resolve it,” said Formas.

Clinton was set for a Saturday night appearance at a Katy Perry concert as she tries to nail down Pennsylvania in the Tuesday election.

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