Maid robs minister’s laptop, gives ZBC lover – New

A FORMER maid at Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora’s residence who allegedly stole three laptops from her employer and gave them to her boyfriend and ZBC journalist Andrew Neshamba was dragged to a Harare court Tuesday.

Ivy Tandi, 22, of 5379 Westlea initially admitted the charges when she appeared before Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo but changed her plea after seeking legal representation.

She was charged with theft and denied bail after she gave the court different addresses.

However, her lawyer, Tina Kadhau said the issue was too weak to cause denial of bail.

“The State cannot oppose bail on the basis that my client is not of fixed abode because she is a married mother of one and has fixed residence in Westlea,� said the lawyer.

“She only admitted to the charges because police officers had assaulted and threatened her. Her boyfriend (Neshamba) also denied ever receiving the said laptops.�

The investigating officer, Golden Chikuni, told the court that they arrested Neshamba but released him after realising that he was not directly involved in the alleged offence.

“He denied ever receiving the laptops and only mentioned that Tandi was his girlfriend. He was not directly involved but allegedly received the laptops,� he said.

Magistrate Elijah Makomo however queried the detective on why they released Neshamba yet they believed Tandi’s supposed admission of guilt.

Makomo however, denied Tandi bail and remanded her in custody to January 19 pending trial.

Prosecutor Idah Maromo alleged that Tandi was employed as a house maid at Dokora’s house in Borrowdale West, Harare in October last year on part time basis.

On dates unknown to the prosecutor, Tandi reportedly stole three laptops from the dining room.

Court heard that Tandi then hid the laptops in her bag to avoid being investigated by security guards manning the minister’s premises.

Tandi returned to the residence and sneaked into Dokora’s daughters’ bedrooms before stealing two more laptops an Acer and HP model.

She reportedly hid the gadgets in her laptop bag and smuggled them out of the minister’s residence unnoticed.

The offence was later discovered on January 9 when Dokora’s daughters wanted to use their laptops in school but could not find them in the house.

Tandi had been granted off days from December 21 to 29 but failed to return after the holidays only to be apprehended by police at her parents’ house in Marlbereign, Harare.

When she was arrested, the maid implicated Neshamba as the person she had delivered the gadgets to.

Neshamba was subsequently arrested and interviewed by the police.

He denied receiving the laptops.

The gadgets were valued $1,800 and nothing was recovered.  


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