BOZEMAN, Mont. –

A southwest Montana insurance company laptop that full of sensitive customer information was reported stolen Friday.

New West Health Services says the laptop had customer names and addresses, along with social security numbers and billing data. The personal information comes from past and present New West customers.

The company says the computer was password protected, and they say there is no evidence to suggest that any of the information in it was the reason the laptop was stolen.

A Bozeman computer technician says the difficultly of hacking the laptop depends on whether it is a Macintosh or a PC. He says it could also depend on what operating system it has.

“Does that mean you’re going to be able to access the sensitive software? Not necessarily, because that’s likely to be password protected, as well, and it’s very difficult to hack those passwords,” said Don Killian, the owner of Computer Help Inc.

New West executives say they do not know if the data has been accessed. They have offered customers whose social security numbers were in the laptop one year of free credit monitoring and identity protection.

NBC Montana has reached out to New West for further details, but they have not replied.