I tried to take a laptop on a flight – here’s what happened – Telegraph.co.uk

Thousands of travelers were forced to put iPads, laptops and tablets into their checked luggage on Saturday as Britain’s ban on electronics on flights from six predominantly Muslim countries came into effect. 

The new policy – introduced in response to intelligence that al-Qaeda is trying to plant explosives inside electronic devices – was met with frustration from business travellers and passengers facing long flights without entertainment but appeared to roll out smoothly. 

The Telegraph tested the ban by trying to bring a tablet device on a flight to the UK from Turkey but found that the new policy was being vigorously enforced and that Turkish security staff quickly discovered the device.      

As well as Turkey, the British ban covers airports in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia. The US ban, which also came into force on Saturday, extends to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE.


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