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Back in January 2016 I bought a HP laptop for my son from Curry’s/PC World for £440. Since then I have been paying £5.50 a month for its KnowHow service agreement. When, after six months, it stopped working I took it in for repair. It came back wiped of all his schoolwork – the repair docket stated the problem was caused by a corrupted operating system.

Three months later the fault reoccurred. I duly took it back and asked that it be replaced. They declined, instead repairing it again, and again my son lost all his information. And, once more they claimed the issue was caused by a corrupted operating system.

Yesterday, it stopped for a third time. KnowHow’s phone support says it needs to go back again. I don’t believe it can be deemed fit for purpose. SP, Wolverhampton

This is tricky as we don’t know what websites your son has been visiting, although he may be entirely innocent. Some of the gaming sites used by teens can seriously slow down a computer, and it’s hard to know what’s happened.

Curry’s confirmed the first two problems were caused by “software issues resulting from user behaviour”. The most recent problem has been caused by a loose screen connection. This is covered by the care plan and the fixed laptop is on its way back. The company has offered a free health check/inspection at the store. One of its tech support team has also offered to take your son through a few points to help him get the best out of his laptop. Stay off gaming sites and see if things improve?

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