‘He did the right thing': Jim Acosta praises Trump for D-Day address – Washington Examiner

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta praised President Trump’s D-Day address in Normandy, France, on the 75th anniversary of the World War II Allied invasion.

Acosta is a leading critic of Trump, but the CNN personality called the president’s speech “the most on message moment of Donald Trump’s presidency” on Thursday morning.

Trump addressed a crowd assembled on the beaches of Normandy, the site of the battle that began the Allied invasion to push the Nazi regime out of Western Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke at the ceremony.

Both leaders made their speeches with dozens of World War II veterans sitting directly behind the podium.

Acosta said the moment transcended politics for the two world leaders and was focused solely on the heroes of D-Day.

“I think this was perhaps the most on message moment of Donald Trump’s presidency today. We were all wondering whether he would veer from his remarks, go off of his script there but he stayed on script, stayed on message and, I think, rose to the moment and as he was talking about those men gathered behind him,” Acosta said. “He described them as being among the greatest Americans who have ever lived. I mean, that could not be more of a fact check true if we could have found one.”

“It really was one of those moments that, I think, Donald Trump needed to rise to in order to, I think, walk away from the cemetery, walk away from this hallowed ground and have people back at home saying, ‘you know what, no matter what I think about the current president of the United States, he said the right thing at Normandy. He did the right thing at Normandy,'” Acosta said.


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