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The MacBook Pro might be the best selling laptop, it might have proven to be a wonderful device for the geekerati, but there are alternatives that are just as good as Apple’s laptop. Depending on what you need from a laptop, there are options that are more suitable than the latest MacBook Pro.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (R) previews a MacBook Pro during a product launch event at Apple headquarters (Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

As many professionals have discovered with this iteration of the MacBook Pro, it feels more like a Pro version of the MacBook Air rather than a macOS machine that provides top-notch specifications and features. There are other options, and over the next few weeks, I’m going to look in detail at some of the alternatives to the latest MacBook Pro.

But before those articles, here’s a quick overview of some machines that push the envelope that have caught my eye (including Microsoft’s Surface Book, Razer’s Blade, and HP’s Spectre x360). Although I do need to address one elephant in the room

Windows 10.

Unless you are ready to work some monumental hacking magic, the one element that you are not going to be able to replicate on these laptops is macOS. Apple’s current deskbound operating system is a UNIX-based system that runs on the Mac range but nowhere else (outside of some herculean hacking). Any alternative to the MacBook Pro will be running something other than macOS.

In ninety-nine percent of cases, that something is going to be Windows 10. Microsoft has made some drastic changes over the last few years to get its OS to work as comfortably in a touch environment as a mouse and keyboard. I’d argue that Windows 10 is at this point, so the mix of competent hybrids and tablet/laptop convertibles on offer will grow.

Windows 10 offers a much wider choice of third-party applications and you have a better chance of finding a choice of apps for anything you need. And if you must have connection to an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone, Windows 10 is universal enough to be able to talk to both platforms as well as pretty much any cloud service.

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