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Google Pixel 3 laptop is expected to be launched by Google. Rumors are hitting the internet with the new competitors for the current ruling laptops in the tech market. Google rumored to bring-in Pixel 3 laptop.

Tech giants have to keep a watch on the innovative developments from Google. Google’s assistant claiming to be superior over Apple’s digital assistant ‘Siri’.  Google Home is claiming its superiority over Amazon’s Echo in the smart home appliances segment. Also, Pixel & Pixel XL smartphones are roaring the internet and are claiming the top spot in the tech market competitions

Now, the current rumors are hooking to the laptop market. As per Pocket Lint , Google is ready to enter the laptop market with the so called Pixel 3 laptop. It is rumored that Google is expected to launch its first laptop Google Pixel 3 by end of 2017.

The Google Pixel 3 laptop is expected to hold Google’s new Andromeda operating system which will be the first device that will be running on an operating system developed by merging best Chrome features with Android.

Will the Google Pixel 3 be the best laptop in 2017?  

Google Pixel 3 laptop specifications, rumors suggest that the Pixel 3 laptop is expected to come with 12.3″ inch display with touch support which could double up as a tablet. Whether it might be a 2-in-1 laptop/detachable tablet hybrid or a laptop with a flexible hinge remains to be seen.

Google Pixel 3 laptop is rumored to be incorporated with Intel i3 or i5 Core processor, 32 GB or 128 GB of internal storage along with RAM either to be 8 GB or 16 GB. Also, it is expected to be featured with fingerprint scanner, a 3.5mm jack, stylus support, two USB-C ports.

Rumors on Google Pixel 3 suggest that Google is expected to bring Pixel 3 laptop with a backlit keyboard and a glass track pad with force detection sensing.

Release date and price, as per the report, the Pixel 3 laptop is expected to arrive with a price tag of 799 USD. A Wacom stylus is reported to be sold separately for an additional price. It is rumored to available in the tech market in Q3 2017. Google has not released any official statement on the Pixel 3 Laptop.









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