Flying without your laptop? Don’t worry. It can be done – Chicago … – Chicago Tribune

The list of air travel restrictions could get longer and more annoying as the Trump administration this week considers banning large electronic devices, including laptops and tablets, on board flights from Europe to the U.S.

For flyers on United and American, the two biggest global carriers out of O’Hare International Airport, this probably will be seen as another unwelcome, meddlesome and onerous show of government authority over air travelers’ lives.

Business flyers, who often work on their laptops during trans-Atlantic flights, will be really peeved about such a prohibition, which is not expected to include hand-held electronic devices or smartphones.

Inconvenient as it would be, this electronic device ban could prove to be a necessary safety precaution. If so, I expect most airline passengers — a resilient lot — would adapt to a new restriction, despite claims by an influential global travel industry group that such an electronic device ban will cost businesses up to $1.1 billion, mostly in lost employee productivity.


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