Fix your laptop in hours? D.C.-based tech firm has a plan – Washington Business Journal (blog)

A D.C.-based tech firm is taking the popular repair-your-phone-or-tablet-in-hours business model one step further. Techy will repair your ill laptop, usually in a matter of hours, including pickup, repair and return.

That cuts days off the time it typically takes to get a laptop running smoothly again, Tech Crunch reports.

Techy co-founder Yaffet Meshesha tells Tech Crunch a typical laptop repair can usually be done in under an hour, leaving a decent cushion to pick up the crippled laptop, repair it and return it to the customer.

The firm sends a courier to pick up your laptop and take it to Techy’s D.C. repair site(customers can ship the laptop to Techy if they live outside the D.C. area).


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