Fashion faux pas leads to laptop lockdown – InfoWorld

Stop and take a look in the mirror. Believe it or not, the cause of your computer problem could be on your body. In case your brain isn’t already filled with troubleshooting scenarios involving drives, CPUs, and log files, start thinking fashion too — your users could be one accessory away from utter technical failure.

A new CIO started at our company, and she was furnished with the latest and greatest equipment: A laptop model new to the company and an OS that was barely out of beta. She was and still is an advocate for early adoption of new technology, and our IT department was thrilled with the idea.

We weren’t thrilled, though, when her new equipment began acting up. She had a strange and intermittent laptop problem that was worked on time and again by our support group, but nobody could solve it.

Try, try again

At inexplicable times, her machine would lock — not freeze, but go to the lock screen, as though somebody had hit Windows-L (when asked, she said that she wasn’t doing so).


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