A Howell woman’s Facebook plea is getting a lot of attention. She’s begging for help after her brother had a seizure and his backpack and laptop were stolen while he was in the ambulance.

However, it’s not the laptop they’re worried about; it’s what’s on it.

Steve Lininger, of Ypsilanti, is probably one of the proudest uncles in all of metro Detroit, pointing out his nephews’ artwork that lines his apartment wall.

He doesn’t keep the artwork for nostalgia, he keeps it so he can remember it at all.

“My brain is damaged, I can’t function like I used to,” Lininger said.

In 2010, Steve was hit by a falling tree when he was riding his bike. He spent weeks in the hospital in an induced coma.

Since his release, he’s suffered seizures. Two weeks ago, one hit.

“I was getting off a bus and the only thing I remember was my face and head on the sidewalk,” Lininger said.

While paramedics were helping Lininger, his backpack with his laptop inside was stolen — the one thing that keeps him semi-independent.

“The laptop lets me do stuff since I can’t drive,” he said. “I can buy a shirt on eBay, I can order other things again, because I can’t drive,” Lininger said.

His sister, Mary Motto, posted about the missing backpack and laptop on Facebook.

“It keeps him busy, it allows him to participate in his own life,” Motto said.

Motto has already replaced the laptop, but the contents can’t be — things like notes, photos and videos that Lininger’s damaged brain can’t retain. 

“There’s notes from the kids, photos, doctor’s notes; his life is there,” Motto said.

“I have artwork from when they were 10,” Lininger said, fighting back tears, talking about his nephews. “When I see it, I can think of them.”

Lininger nor Mary are interested in criminal charges being filed for whoever took the backpack. They just want the contents back.

“Just copy it and send it, that’s all we want.” Motto said.  

If you know anything about this, or know someone that recently came into possession of a Mac Book Air under unusual circumstances, contact Motto at msmarykk@aol.com.