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The digital world we are living in can be very puzzling and confusing.
A vast majority of the public has very little or no technical knowledge. And yet, they have an increasing number of choices when it comes to purchasing one technology over another.

By B.Saimin

At this point, websites play an important role especially the ones that simply give information on a products component’s, and testing results. One has to know about the benefits and construction of the equipment and compare.


In this review, we are going to compare only two devises: The Laptop and the Tablet.

Of course these days the market is being feed by the same products from different companies such as: Apple, Goggle, Microsoft, and others which makes it even more difficult to purchase one.

Here is the bottom-line. What you are going to do with your so-called new computer?  If you are not sure of which device will work for you then continue reading. 


Yes, you have many choices.  Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Apple’s iPad Pro, Asus ZenBook UX305CA, and Goggle Pixel C, the list goes on.

So if the goal is watching your favorites while you are on the go then a laptop will work fine for you.  Otherwise check the market and choose between laptop and tablet.


More important factors are affordable price, multitasking capabilities, including amount of RAM and hard-drive storage, functionality, and portability that the devise has. 

iPad Pro – Photo Source: CNET

Laptops has more advance performance in comparison to tablets, because they are larger and have more hardware being packed inside. 

Surface Pro 4

Inspiron 15-Inch Touch-Screen Laptop by Dell


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