Consumer Reports: Apple laptops are most reliable –

According to Consumer Reports, if your laptop is more than three years old and runs without problems – consider yourself lucky.

After five years, 25 percent of laptops have had a serious problem, often catastrophic, but one brand tops the list when it comes to reliability – Apple.

Apple laptops are far less likely to need repairs than other brands, according to Consumer Reports.

After the third year of ownership, there is just a ten percent chance that Apple laptops will have a problem.

“Our survey finds that the more you use your laptop, the more likely it is to break,” said Karen Jaffee with Consumer Reports. “However, with Apple, people use them quite a bit and they still have a very low failure rate.”

Consumer Reports recommends purchasing Apple’s service contact, Apple Care, when buying a new Apple laptop.

“Although Apple laptops are less likely to break, when they do break, the problem tends to be more severe,” Jaffee said.

Repairing an Apple laptop can be expensive, but Consumer Reports rates Apple’s tech support the best in the business.

“With many PC manufactures, you have about a 50-50 chance of actually getting your problem fixed if you can call tech support. Dell and Lenovo tend to be a bit better, but even with them, only 61 percent are going to get fixed,” she said.

Apple’s success rate is higher, at about 83 percent.


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