Best Windows 10 laptops to look forward to in 2016 –

Microsoft has gone all in for its Windows 10 operating system. It’s even created its own hardware with its first laptop – the Surface Book. Plenty of partners have followed the lead with their own Windows 10 laptops with even more coming soon. That’s what we are focusing on here.

We’ve rounded up the best Windows 10 laptops that have been announced and are coming soon. This list will be kept updated so you’ll know exactly what’s coming from Microsoft-friendly hardware manufacturers.

For laptops that are available to buy right now check out our 5 best laptops for Windows 10 feature. These are made up of units we’ve reviewed that have impressed us so far.

Below is a look at every laptop that’s coming with Windows 10 as its main operating system. This will include rumoured devices if they’re strong enough to make the list.

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Lenovo is pushing forward in 2016 with its Windows 10 laptop offerings. Leading the charge is the super slim Yoga 900S. This is a laptop that can be manipulated into a tablet thanks to a 360-degree watchband hinge. Throwing in an optional active pen stylus is a nice touch then.

The Yoga 900S is just 12.8mm thin, weighs less than a kilo and offers a 12-inch QHD display, 10.5-hour battery and of course runs Windows 10 OS.

The Lenovo Yoga 900S is available from March 2016 starting at $1099.

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Of course Microsoft can rely on HP to release a selection of Windows 10 laptops in 2016. The EliteBook Folio is getting a lot of attention as it’s being called the world’s thinnest and lightest business class notebook.

The HP EliteBook Folio comes in at 12.4mm thin, weighs under a kilogram and offers a 4K display and 10-hour battery. Not bad considering it starts at $999.

The HP EliteBook Folio is on sale from March.

Pocket-lintAcer Switch 12 S

Acer has gone the way of the 2-in-1 notebook for its Windows 10 Aspire Switch 12 S. There’s an annodised aluminium build that offers a slim size of just 7.85mm.

Despite the form this crams in 6th Gen Intel Core M processing, USB-C and 4K or Full HD display options behind Gorilla Glass 4.

The Acer Aspire Switch 12 S will be available from February from €1200, or $1000.

Samsung has got two new versions of its Notebook 9 Series, both running Windows 10. One is a 15-inch model and the other is a 13.3-inch version, each with up to Intel Core i7 processing.

The 13.3-inch model is 13.4mm thick, weighs under a kilogram and has a 1080p display.

The 15-inch version is 14.5mm thick, weighs 1.29kg, also comes with Full HD display and sports a USB-C port.

Both Samsung Notebook 9 Series laptops come in silver or pink and will be available in early 2016 in select markets, but not the UK.

Pocket-lintLG Gram 15-7

Does the LG Gram 15 remind you of anything? Cough, Macbook, ahem.

The LG Gram 15 is a 15.6-inch model that compliments last year’s 14-inch model. The Gram 15 features a magnesium alloy body, is 16.7mm thick and weighs 980g.

Under the hood can be Intel Core i5 or i7 processing backed by up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB storage all running Windows 10. The display is Full HD.

The LG Gram 15 is “coming soon” with pricing to be announced.

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HP has upgraded its spectre offerings for 2016 with the new x360. This sports Windows 10 on a new display in varying models.

The 13.3-inch model has been upgraded to an OLED display with QHD resolution. This makes it 50g lighter and offers a higher colour gammut.

The 15.6-inch model is available with a 4K resolution display in a 15.9mm body and 9.5-hour battery life. This will start at £1000 and is available from January.

The 13.3-inch model will get a release date and pricing soon.


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