Best Windows 10 Laptops – Stuff

Find the Dell XPS 13 a bit too expensive? The Asus ZenBook UX305 is one of our favourite affordable laptops. If you want something to use on-the-go, every day, you can’t do any better. Not at this price.

For £649 you get an expensive-feeling aluminium laptop that’s super-skinny and light, yet also lasts for absolutely ages. Asus says 11 hours, but even the eight hours we get out of it is still great.

Aside from the flashy design, this is a no-nonsense computer, though. There’s no touchscreen, so it gets you that traditional laptop feel rather than something that dresses up as a tablet on the weekends.

It’s not meant to be a powerhouse either. The UX305 uses one of Intel’s Core M processors, designed to take up almost no space and use as little power as possible. It feels snappy, but is going to struggle if you want to do something like edit video.

For general computer work, it’s amazing, though. You can even head out to the park to use it on a sunny day, as it uses a reflection-blasting matt screen rather than the usual glossy one. It has to be one of the most stylish workhorses out there.


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