Best laptops for students for under Rs 40000 – TechRadar

If you’re planning to buy a laptop under Rs 40,000, which should easily get most of the things done, then we might have something for you. Although you won’t find a high end gaming laptop under this price range, but there are few choices which can handle majority of your tasks until you are not editing, videos or playing high end games on it. 

To find the best laptops, we have considered several factors like the generation of the processor, performance, RAM, display and battery life. We have preferred laptops with above 6th generation processors as it not just improves performance, battery life but also supports DDR4 RAM, which is a much-needed upgrade. 

All the laptops that we have in our list are well-suited for students and basic office work. All of them can take good care of stuff like browsing, multimedia, medium level gaming and office work. 


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