Best laptop replacement tablets 2016: The best 2-in-1 devices available to buy now –

Looking for a tablet that isn’t just great for watching movies and shopping from the sofa, but good for working on the go too? Well, you’re in the right place.

Tablets have changed significantly over the last few years. Most companies have taken productivity into consideration more so than when tablets first appeared, resulting in some great laptop replacement options.

There are still some improvements to be made, such as battery life and price points could certainly do with coming down a little, but these 2-in-1 devices have plenty of positives too. 

Each device on our best laptop replacement tablets list has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all will allow you to work on the go with the flexibility to use them as a standard tablet too.

Some are excellent for their typing experience, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, while others are great for battery life, like Samsung’s TabPro S. We’ve rounded up the best laptop replacement tablets from the devices we have reviewed in full to help you work out which might suit you best.

Click here to see the best laptop replacement tablets for 2016.


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