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Where can you find the best deals on an HP laptop? Let’s take a look at various finds from around the web!

Whether you are looking at buying a new laptop or desktop for yourself or as a gift, don’t pay full price without looking for a deal first. Laptops offer portability, the option to use it without being connected directly to a power supply and more, but desktops also have their own pros. For the price, you’ll likely get higher specs and slightly better performance out of a desktop, but that doesn’t always work for everyone.

Hunting down the best deals can take some time though, and they change by the week or month. Luckily, we have already done all of that research for you and brought all of the best deals to one simple location.


HP Spectre

Laptops are great because they are portable and versatile. You can use them in a number of different situations, and you won’t need to sit tethered to a wall in order for it to work properly. This portability does have some trade offs though. If you are looking for desktop-level performance from a portable machine, the price tag will jump big time. You’ll pay for the convenience of it, but for some that is ok.

If you are looking for something to carry around to meetings, around your college campus, or even just around the house, a laptop is the way to go. Here is how you can save some money on a new one.


HP Pavilion

If you don’t need something that you can carry around with you, or you want something that you can customize a bit more, a desktop is the way to go. With a desktop computer you can buy a nice prebuilt machine that you can opt to expand in the future. As far as repairability, desktops tend to be a bit easier to replace hard drives, power supplies and more inside of, but they lack the convenience of being able to move around or be used without direct power.

There are a number of different desktop options from HP, and here are some of the best deals from around the web on some of them.

Your favorite

Have you found any deals around the web that aren’t listed here? If you happen to come across one, be sure to let us know via email now!


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