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The ux303ub is a very good laptop, it’s avalaible since 2015 if I’m not wrong.
I was in the situation to choose between various laptop, to replace my faithful Inspiron 13 7359, bought 3 months ago.
The inspiron was very good for my needs, but lacked a good IPS display in terms of sRGB coverage (about 60% for the Inspiron).
For me it’s the most important feature, because I work with photography and video.
The Dell it’s a 2 in 1 convertible and I found it very versatile in many situation, liked a lot the design, but coming from Elitebook aluminum the plastic chassis is not for me anymore. The feeling of aluminum is another planet. I really missed that.
I was looking for a laptop similar to Inspiron, I didn’t want to loose some features I liked a lot, like touch screen, convertibility option, lightness, IPS display, battery life.
The choice was between:

- Asus ux303ub (Geforce 940MX GDDR5)
– Asus ux310uq (Geforce 940MX GDDR5)
– Hp Spectre x360, which I found one with QHD display.

I ended buying the Spectre x360.
About Asus ux303ub I’ve read some opinions about it and I’ve understood the display assembly it isn’t the best, because UHD display isn’t available in Italy/EU, the screen isn’t glass and the entire assembly it not so premium (plastic frame, if you pull it the screen move inward inside the screen clamshell). Didn’t like this.
Nice the feature to have a free dimm slot to add more ram, but it would end in a hybrid dual channel, which could lead to instability. Being not glass there’s no touchscreen option in Italy/EU. It isn’t a convertible. THe dedicated GPU btw was a very nice feature. No go for the Asus UX303UB.
The new version of ux303ub is the ux310uq. but my enthusiasm was destroyed by a lot of misinformation by Asus on their website. That laptop is fueled with a Geforce 940MX (GDDR5, +30% bandwidth compared to 940m GDDR3).
Thas was good for me, enough to buy it. But… Asus can’t supply correct datasheets and information about the product in Italy. After contacting Asus with other users we discovered Asus doesn’t supply any IPS screen for the UX310UQ in Italy, but it has a cheap TN 1080 panel. The UHD option isn’t still available. Stocks are almost empty, it’s hard to find everywhere, and there are too low in price offers around the web by some vendors, signs there could be some initial production units with problems. Again, no convertibility, no touchscreen, no IPS display, no reviews around the web, to be sure is a good enginereed product.

On Amazon I found the Spectre x360. Aluminum, convertible, 100% coverage of sRGB (IPS), touchscreen, glass display, light, QHD display available in Italy, good keyboard, and last not least… digitizer!
I always dreamed a 13″ laptop with all this features and a digitizer. I’ve a Surface Pro first version, and finding the ability to have an active pen on a laptop was another reason to choose the Spectre.

One aspect I didn’t liked of the Spectre is the soldered ram. I always like to upgrade, fix my equipment by myself. I don’t trust soldered modules a lot. If a day they will break I’ve to send it to repair in HP. It would be expensive? It will takes weeks for sure, and working with the laptop isn’t a good aspect.

But for me this was the price to pay having all these things in one machine.
This is of course my opinion for my needs, which are different for sure with others.
But hope It telps to choose a good laptop to other users.

PS: All the laptops with integrated GPU from Intel would benefit a lot if the system has a dual channel DDR configuration. Spectre has soldered ram configured in dual channel. This gives 100% more bandwidth to the iGPU, which is very helpful to maximize the already low performance of the iGPU (hd520 for example).
I’ve tested the Dell Inspiron 7359 with the same specs of Spectre x360, and the benchmark (Unigine Heaven) leads to +14fps gain for the dual channel configuration system. (30fps vs 44fps for the Spectre).


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