Bernie Sanders’ Fund-Raising Haul: $25.3 Million in Third Quarter – The New York Times

Mr. Sanders announced his total for the quarter just minutes after Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., said he had raised $19.1 million in the same period.

The fund-raising announcement comes as Mr. Sanders’s campaign begins a crucial phase of his presidential bid. He and his advisers had tried for months to portray the race as a battle between Mr. Sanders and Joseph R. Biden Jr., but the surge of Ms. Warren, his chief ideological rival, has scrambled that strategy. The top tier of candidates in the field has narrowed faster than his advisers expected, complicating matters: Rather than competing for the nomination with a half dozen candidates, he is essentially battling just two right now — Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren.

Seeking to alter the course of the race, Mr. Sanders has shifted his message in recent weeks to focus more on electability. During a recent tour of eastern Iowa and campaign stops elsewhere, he has tried to make the case to voters that of all the Democratic hopefuls, he is the candidate most likely to prevail against President Trump. He has also introduced a series of audacious policy proposals, including establishing a national rent control standard, eliminating existing medical debt and instituting a wealth tax that goes farther than Ms. Warren’s plan.

Yet perhaps more than ever, Mr. Sanders is betting on the grass-roots appeal that propelled his 2016 campaign, a factor that his campaign says polls often fail to capture.


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