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We first saw Asus’s insane water-cooled GX700 laptop at IFA this year and it looked insane. The top of the line gaming machine will run an Intel Skylake processor with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980. No, I didn’t forget to add an ‘M’ to the end of that; the laptop actually runs a desktop graphics card.

Asus GX700 water-cooled laptop

With all that power comes the need to cooling and that’s where Asus’s crazy docking station for the GX700 comes into play. Dock your laptop into the massive water-cooling station and water will be pumped through its heat sinks to drop the temps of both the processor and graphics card. Asus promises around 12% drop in temps when the GX700 is docked. We still don’t have pricing or availability for the GX700 but will update as soon as we hear.

If that’s a bit crazy for you, Asus has a tamer, but still immensely powerful laptop for you. At a press conference in San Francisco today, the company announced the G752 line of laptops running the latest Intel Skylake CPUs and configurable with up to 64GB of RAM.¬†Oh, it also looks like a jet from the back. Asus calls it “INVINCIBLE BIO-ARMOR DESIGN FOR EXTREME GAMER.” Um, OK.

Asus ROG G752 laptop

There’s only one screen size and panel choice, which is 17.3″ and 1080p with G-Sync. All but the cheapest model will come with your choice of SSD sizes for your operating system. Pay a bit more and they’ll throw in a 1TB hard drive to store all of your games and media. These hefty laptops weigh in at 9.61 lbs and will last around 4 hours of moderate use. Pricing starts at $1499 for the base G725VL-DH71 and goes all the way up to $3499 for the G752VY-DH78K.

Check out the photos of the event below for all the other tech Asus announced today.

Asus ROG event in SF
Asus ROG event in SF
Asus Matrix GTX 980TI
New Asus gaming monitors
Asus Maximus Impact VIII
Asus ROG G752 gaming laptop
Asus GX700 water-cooled laptop
Asus ROG event

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