And those rumors of a refreshed MacBook Air? They’re on the right track, if you ask Kuo, but it’s not clear that you’ll get the same ultraportable with a few tweaks. He simply says that there will be a “13-inch MacBook” — it could be a slightly larger, hopefully more capable version of the 12-inch MacBook you’ve known since 2015. While there could be a spruced-up Air (particularly if Apple wants to court the sub-$1,000 crowd), it seems unlikely that Apple would reserve stage time for an update minor enough that it could be covered by a press release.

Everyone else would have to be patient. Kuo believes that new iMacs and a stand-alone 5K display are in the cards, but not until closer to the middle of 2017. There’s no mention of Mac mini or Mac Pro updates, either, although those could conceivably arrive without taking up any event time. Whatever happens, the absence of desktops would make sense. Intel isn’t releasing desktop Kaby Lake processors until January — Apple can’t use chips that aren’t ready yet. If MacBooks are all you see, though, it’ll still show that Apple hasn’t forgotten its original business.