Apple MacBook 2016 Review: This stunning laptop is starting to make sense –

Final Verdict

We’ve spent a few weeks with the new MacBook and we’re totally smitten with it.

This laptop looks good enough to strut down a Paris catwalk and is so light you’ll hardly notice it’s stuffed inside your bag.

With Apple’s latest upgrades it’s now powerful enough to keep up with most of the bulkier competition and we were impressed by how it perfomed against the MacBook Pro.

Battery life is also improved and the Retina display is still one of the best in the business.

Last year we hated the one USB-C port but this time it’s bothered us less with every file transfer and connection being made wirelessly.

So all looks good for the new MacBook – until you get to the price.

We still feel this laptop is far too expensive when you compare it to other portables including Apple’s own MacBook Pro and Air.

Plus, you can now pick up last year’s original MacBook for around £200 less than this new machine.

However, if you want the best looking laptop in Apple’s lineup, you’re not going to find anything better.

Walk into an Apple Store and your heart will tell you this is the MacBook for you – look at the price and your head may just say no.


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