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Apple is used to criticism from PC partisans, but with its first major redesign to the MacBook Pro line in years, it found itself unexpectedly taking fire from its own fan base. The new laptop was underpowered, Mac users complained, lacked ports that people actually use, had low-to-zero serviceability, and that “improved” butterfly keyboard still wasn’t that great. 

The point that seems to uniformly burn pro users is the maximum amount of RAM: just 16GB of LPDD3/2133. The reason for the limit? Apple said it saves power, which lets them make the MacBook Pro thinner.

I won’t pass judgment on that decision (though I think PC makers are also too concerned with thin sometimes), but I will say there’s a pretty easy way Apple could satisfy its unhappy performance-minded customers: Bring back the MacBook Pro 17.

Yes, Apple once sold a giant 17-inch MacBook Pro, which it discontinued in 2012. Five years on, it’s even easier to build a powerful laptop than it was back then. Bringing back an unapologetically big, beefy MacBook Pro 17 could be just what Apple needs to make its laptops great again. Here’s what we’d put in it.

ryzen new AMD

Could a Ryzen make its way into a future MacBook Pro?

Quad-core or more

The Macbook Pro 17 should have a high-end Intel or AMD-Ryzen-based quad-core at a minimum.

People say CPU performance doesn’t matter, but it does. The crowd that would actually buy and use a portable workstation needs to get work done. This means a quad-core or more.

While it wouldn’t be a first—PCs have sporadically been available with six-core CPUs for years—Apple could cause much jealousy if it scored access to a low-power version of a next-gen Intel or AMD CPU with more than four cores.

Big, fat GPU

I think people looking at the MacBook Pro 15 should pony up for the higher-end Radeon Pro 460, because the entry-level GPU is a bit underwhelming on pure horsepower. Yes, it’s great on power consumption, but more performance on a primarily performance-minded laptop is generally better.


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