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AMARILLO – Amarillo College is launching a new laptop rental program to help make sure all of their students are able to have technology readily available to them.

Through the program, students and staff at the Computer Service Center will refurbish used laptops and then rent them out to students.

“What we are basically doing is we are taking equipment that is deemed unsuitable for department use, normally it would go to an auction where it would be sold for kind of scraps and parts. Instead, we are taking those same parts and we are going to refurbish them using our computer service center,” said Andrew Flores the Consumer Electronics Buyer for AC.

The computers will be available for rent which would be $45 for the remainder of the spring semester or $60 for the next 16 week semester.

The college wanted to offer the program because some students cannot afford to pay for a computer on their own.

“A lot of students can’t afford it because they either have to purchase their school supplies, they are in some programs that require heavy investment upfront and so sometimes they have to balance it out. This will give them the option of having a computer and getting the necessary school supplies,” added Flores.

Flores says the program is also beneficial to computer science students who will get hands on experience working to fix the computers.

“A really major benefit to this as well is that out Computer Service Center is run by the students at Amarillo College. This is going to provide additional work for them. In fact, depending on the turnout we may be able to hire additional students which is a really big benefit to them really,” said Flores.

The college has a few laptops that will be available for the next 8 week semester starting March 20.

Flores says they are also working to get more computers through recycling companies.


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