A global laptop ban on flights would have one bright side: we’d get the digital detox we all need – Telegraph.co.uk

That our freedom must increasingly be curtailed in the face of Islamist terrorism is, of course, cause for righteous outrage. Indeed there are many layers of badness behind the new ban on un-checked tablets and computers on flights from six Middle Eastern countries – which, we now learn, may be extended to all flights to and from anywhere.

The principal one is the threat of a terrorist atrocity; another is the dodgy-seeming control over the situation of our intelligence agencies, and another is the generally arbitrary nature of airport security. I’ve been allowed on international flights with razors and even matches accidentally left in my hand-luggage – security officials were too busy poring over my mascara to notice. It all feels fairly random and desperate.

But there may be a sliver lining to the present ban. And that – on flights without wifi anyway – is that it might force people to be bored. Deeply, unremittingly bored out of their minds. To alleviate that boredom, their only option will be to have a conversation or to read a physical book – after all, on low-cost airlines like Easyjet, which are affected by the ban, there are no movies. Uh oh!

Until recently, aeroplanes were a refuge from the neurological hurly burly of internet-enabled devices. But with the addition of wifi spreading through cabins the world over, even this tiny window in which you had to do something other than scroll through Instragram and Twitter was on the way out. People were just getting used to having the full suite of digital distractions to hand.


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