7 games that won’t kill your integrated graphics laptop – TechRadar

6. Mirror’s Edge


  • Laptop: HP Spectre x360 (CPU: Intel Core i5-5200U, Graphics: Intel HD5500)
  • (1080p) Low: 25-30fps
  • (1080) Everything high: 10fps

Mirror’s Edge was not a great success, but remains one of the most interesting action games of the last 10 years. Its style also seems like one that would work on lower-end hardware. Its stark, often over-exposed cityscapes don’t need ultra-high texture detail to look good.

As hoped, Mirror’s Edge works really quite well on our Intel HD5500 system, managing a solid and respectable 25-30fps when AA is turned off and texture detail is set to minimum. It looks pretty good too, although you miss out on the ultra-clinical sharp look the game is really meant to have.

Turning off AA means distant city details and angled building appear a bit jaggedy, shadows are pretty low-fi on the basic setting and some textures are missed. For example, when you put your hands up against a wall on running into it, they’re basically blurry messes, rather than the detailed models they are at the top-end setting. Still, from memory this is roughly what you get with the console version of Mirror’s Edge. Forget the missing flash and just embrace the nausea.

Playable? Around 30fps at low detail, 1080p: two thumbs up


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