​Apple to fix security bug in laptops, desktops – CBS News

Apple plans to fix a bug in its computer operating system that gives hackers user privileges without a password, allowing them to easily install malicious software on laptops and desktops.

The company will release a patch in the next security update to its computer operating system OS X, the Guardian reports.

The “privilege escalation bug” was exposed last month, and Monday, Malwarebytes, makers of anti-malware protection, reported that hackers were beginning to exploit it. The bug arose when new features were added to OS X version 10.10, Ars Technica wrote. It lets attackers open or create files on your computer without needing a password. Malwarebytes researcher Thomas Reed explained it gives them the “ability to install anything anywhere,” including malicious software.

The Guardian wrote that “Apple has taken interim measures to prevent further exploitation of the vulnerability, including revoking the credentials of developers who use it, and including any app which does so on the company’s regularly updated list of malware.”


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