What Was Up with Carly Fiorina’s Grisly Abortion Rant? – Slate Magazine (blog)

Despite Fiorina’s insinuations to the contrary, many people have, in fact, watched not just CMP’s edited videosbut the entire, unedited videos, and continue to be pro-choice anyway—and not just because they missed the part with the legs kicking (which doesn’t exist!). It’s because the facts remain unchanged. Ninety-five percent of women who get abortions, when asked later about their choice, said it was the right thing to doAbortion rates are higher in countries where it is illegal, because as long as women need to terminate pregnancies, they will find a way. Fiorina’s plan to cut contraception access would likely lead to higher, not lower abortion rates. Misleading and sensationalized videos aren’t going to change any of the above.


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