Vice President-elect Mike Pence arrives in DC, with an assist from Joe Biden – Los Angeles Times

Pence has already been a regular presence in Washington since the election, and met just last week with Republicans on Capitol Hill. He had continued to serve as Indiana’s governor until Monday when his elected successor, Republican Eric Holcomb, took the oath of office.

Biden is making full use of Air Force Two as he prepares to end his eight years as the second-in-command. After a trip to Los Angeles on Sunday he’s en route to San Francisco and then on to Detroit on Monday. On Tuesday, he’s to fly to Chicago to attend President Obama‘s farewell address before returning to Washington.

A spokesman for the vice president said arranging a jet for Pence was a routine matter. Biden himself arrived in Washington eight years ago on a train, joining then-President-elect Obama on a whistlestop trip ahead of their inauguration.


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