University of Chicago cancels classes over gun-violence threat – Washington Post

A top-ranked university has canceled classes after federal authorities revealed an online threat of gun violence to the college community.

The University of Chicago announced that all classes and activities at its main Hyde Park campus would be canceled Monday after the FBI informed the school that someone made a threat to the campus.

As students were preparing to return to school from the Thanksgiving holiday, university president Robert Zimmer, sent an e-mail to students and staff members Sunday, instructing them to stay home or, for students who live on campus, to stay indoors. He said FBI counterterrorism officials told him that “an unknown individual posted an online threat of gun violence against the University of Chicago, specifically mentioning ‘the campus quad.’ ” The threat, Zimmer said, was for Monday morning at 10 a.m.

“In response to the threat, the university will have an increased police and security presence on and around campus, including police personnel with visible weapons and other additional measures,” Zimmer wrote in the announcement. “University security personnel are keeping in close contact with the FBI, which is continuing to investigate the threat.”

It comes amid threats on college campuses across the country.

Last week, Western Washington University canceled classes after racist threats were posted on social media, according to the Seattle Times. Sunday morning, Ohio State University police were called when a former employee vandalized school property and then killed himself, authorities told the Columbus Dispatch.

Sunday night, film students from Moorpark College in California were arrested after they triggered a panic with replica weapons, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Officials at the University of Chicago said Sunday that all events at its Hyde Park campus would be canceled Monday, including those at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the University of Chicago Charter School campuses, university libraries, the Quadrangle Club, as well as other campus facilities.

The University of Chicago Medical Center will remain open for patients, “with added security measures.”

Zimmer, the university president, said classes and activities are expected to resume Tuesday.


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