UFC 196 results: Diaz upsets McGregor; Tate takes title from Holm – Los Angeles Times

In November, Holm scored one of the most consequential upsets in the history of the sport, knocking out the formerly unbeaten superstar Ronda Rousey. UFC initially wanted to hold off Holm’s first title defense for Rousey’s return, but Rousey didn’t want to return until the fall so Tate gets the opportunity here. Tate has been one of the best fighters in her division for years and is a formidable challenge for Holm. If Holm loses, it takes a lot of the steam off a Holm/Rousey rematch for the title that could be the biggest money fight in the history of the sport.

Round 1. Tate perhaps surprisingly is content to fight from distance early on. Holm throws some kicks but waits for Tate to move in. Tate catches a kick and looks for a takedown. She doesn’t come close, but she does land a hard punch as she separates. At the halfway point of the round, it has been mostly even with not a lot of action. Holm moves in with a few punches but isn’t landing a lot of note. There does appear to be some discoloration around Tate’s eye. Tate does land a counter hook as Holm moves in. Holm throws a high kick that Tate defends with her hand. 10-9 Holm.

Round 2. Tate gets the takedown 30 seconds in. She grabs Holm’s neck and lands some punches from inside Holm’s half guard. Tate adds some elbows as well while controlling Holm’s body. Holm is working her way toward the cage but Tate is controlling her well on the ground. Tate continues dropping down punches. Holm turns her back and Tate takes Holm’s back. Tate looks to secure a rear naked choke and gets her arm under Holm’s neck. Holm defends well, preventing Tate from securing the hold with her other arm and the round ends. 10-8 Tate.

Round 3. The fighters start out back on their feet again, where Holm has the advantage. Holm is a little more active than in the first round, throwing out straight punches and mixing in kicks. Holm catches Tate with a nice straight punch. Tate ducks in for a takedown but it is stuffed easily. Holm catches Tate with a nice two punch combination. She has done a nice job turning things around after a very rough second round. Tate moves in with a few looping punches before Holm pushes her off. Tate shoots in for long distance and doesn’t come close. 10-9 Holm.

Round 4. Holm comes out fairly aggressive again, like in the third. She is throwing more often, but Tate catches a kick and looks for a takedown. Holm blocks that and they return to distance. Holm throws a few low kicks but isn’t as active. She doesn’t connect with a front kick. Tate looks for a double-leg takedown and gets a good hold of Holm, but she can’t follow through with it. She has to let go and back off. Tate eats a front kick moving in and Holm follows with a few punches. 10-9 Holm, 38-37 Holm going into the final round.

Round 5. Holm throws a few punches and then catches Tate with a side kick to the body when Tate covers up her head. Holm continues to work from range while Tate looks for the chance to clinch and go for a takedown. Tate clinches and goes for a takedown but it is defended again. Tate moves in with a punch and goes for a takedown that is again stopped. Tate gets a takedown with two minutes left. Holm looks to stand up but Tate grabs her back in the process and gets Holm’s neck. Holm tries to throw her off but she can’t and Holm is forced to submit.

Winner: Miesha Tate, submission, round 5.


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