French police arrested a man and woman at a Disneyland Paris theme park hotel after the man was found with two handguns, ammo and a Koran inside his suitcase.

Disney security staff stopped the 28-year-old man after his suitcase passed through an X-ray machine, local media report. The man did not resist arrest.

French media report he is from Paris, but not known to the local police or French intelligence.

The man had a reservation at the hotel in Seine-et-Marne and the woman was his girlfriend, a police source told AFP. Authorities said the woman did not appear to be armed and no other suspects are being pursued.

French broadcaster RTL reported that police seized two small-caliber handguns and a 7.65 caliber cartridge box. A small Koran was also found in the man’s suitcase.

Disneyland Paris, located 18 miles east of Paris, is Europe’s most visited theme park, attracting around 10 million visitors in 2014.

The arrest comes as France is still under a state of emergency following a series of deadly attacks in Paris in November that left 130 dead.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.