Turkey Detains Over 7500 People As Crackdown Widens After Bloody Coup Attempt – Huffington Post

“The United States is not harboring anybody, we’re not preventing anything from happening,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union” broadcast. “We think it’s irresponsible to have accusations of American involvement when we’re simply waiting for their request.”

As Turkey’s roundup of suspected coup plotters continued into Sunday, Erdogan’s top military aide, Colonel Ali Yazıcı, was one of many taken into custody. High-profile arrests also included Gen. Bekir Ercan Van, commander of the Incirlik Air Base, which was used by U.S. forces and the U.S.-led coalition to launch airstrikes against the so-called Islamic State across the border in Syria.

Turkey, a NATO member, temporarily closed the airspace above Incirlik following the coup attempt after reports emerged that suspected coup plotters had tried to use the base to refuel hijacked aircraft.

Base operations resumed Sunday, said Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook. “After close coordination with our Turkish allies, they have reopened their airspace to military aircraft,” he said.

Flights in and out of Turkey’s international airports, however, are still heavily impacted by Friday’s tumult.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency has banned all U.S. airlines from flying into Turkey. All airlines, regardless of country of registry, are barred from flying from Turkey into the U.S., even via a third country, the U.S. Embassy in Ankara said Saturday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of State has warned of “increased threats” of terrorism in Turkey.

“In light of the July 15 coup attempt and its aftermath, we suggest U.S. citizens reconsider travel to Turkey at this time,” the July 16 travel warning read.


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