Trump: ‘Schlonged’ is not vulgar – CNN

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But Trump cited Tuesday what he said was a 1984 NPR report in which “schlonged” was used similarly to how he used it Monday.

“NPR’s @NealConan said ‘schlonged’ to WaPo re: 1984 Mondale/Ferraro campaign: ‘That ticket went on to get schlonged at the polls.’ #Hypocrisy”

The controversy began Monday night when Trump used the word to slam Clinton over her 2008 primary loss to then-Sen. Barack Obama.

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“Even a race to Obama, she was gonna beat Obama. I don’t know who would be worse, I don’t know, how could it be worse? But she was going to beat — she was favored to win — and she got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost,” Trump said.

The comment was widely criticized, and Clinton’s campaign said Tuesday that Trump’s “degrading language” hurts women.


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