Trump Loses Bid to Stop Fraud Lawsuit – Daily Beast

A U.S. judge has declined Donald Trump’s request to throw out a Trump University lawsuit that accuses the Republican nominee of defrauding students, one of three lawsuits over the defunct university. In a written ruling on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel has allowed the trial to go ahead. The lawsuit, filed in 2013 by students of Trump University who say they were defrauded, alleges that Trump knowingly cheated students who had paid up to $35,000 out of the education they were promised. While the university claimed to offer real estate instructors handpicked by Trump, Curiel said there was evidence that Trump had nothing to do with the selection of Trump University instructors, and he questioned whether Trump knowingly deceived students. Trump’s defense has argued that the promises of handpicked instructors were just sales “puffery.” Trump’s camp fought hard to have the lawsuit dismissed and relevant video excerpts of Trump banned, arguing that the materials could be exploited by the media during the presidental race. While Curiel has allowed the lawsuit to go ahead, he rejected a request by the plaintiffs to make the video materials public.


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