Trump Keeps Reminding Everyone That He And His Inner Circle Are Under Investigation – Huffington Post

Rice also denied that there were any political implications behind her request. And that, really, is the point of contention here ― that Rice, and by extension Obama, dreamed up this surveillance foray for the purpose of undermining Trump’s political aspirations. Proof of such a claim will be very hard to come by ― absent some secret email where Rice admits to engineering this caper for electoral purposes, or some leaker with a definitive paper trail, it’s something that can never really be proven. For the time being, we are left to wonder why, if this was Obama’s plan, he didn’t act on it until after Trump was elected? It would seem to be an awful lot of trouble to go to ― and a lot of scandal to court ― to just sit on any smoking gun, regardless of whether it was fruit from a poisonous tree, legally speaking.


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