Train Attack Suspect Watched Video Calling for Jihad Before Boarding … – ABC News

The armed man accused of attacking an Amsterdam-to-Paris train last week watched a YouTube video calling for Jihad before boarding the train, officials said today.

Alleged gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani belonged to a known radical mosque, French Prosecutor Francois Molins said at a news conference today.

He was armed with a rifle, cutter and pistol on Friday, and used all the weapons in his fight with the passengers, Molins said.

El-Khazzani was allegedly armed with an automatic rifle and a box cutter when he attacked passengers on the Paris-bound train, officials say. Two people suffered serious injuries.

El-Khazzani was taken into custody when the train stopped in Arras, France, about two hours northeast of Paris.

El-Khazzani’s first lawyer, Sophie David, told ABC News in a phone interview that El-Khazzani denied planning an attack and said he wanted to rob passengers and escape by jumping off the train. The suspect also denied any ties or affiliation to terror groups or radical Islam, David said.

American Spencer Stone, who was slashed with the gunman’s box cutter, underwent surgery to reattach his thumb and has since been released from the hospital. American Mark Moogalian, who was shot in the attack, was listed in intensive care Monday.


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