Tiger bites woman in painful Halloween zoo trespass – CNN International

The Police Department said Eide had been cited for criminal trespass and remained hospitalized.

Eide was at risk of losing her fingers from her injuries, CNN affiliate KETV reported. It said Eide had multiple prior convictions for derelict behavior. CNN is reaching out to her attorneys for comment.

Safety and security

The zoo said two people had trespassed “after hours on Halloween night,” one of whom had been injured.

“The tiger believed to have been involved in the incident was Mai, an 18-year-old, Malayan tiger,” it said.

The zoo’s executive director, Dennis Pate, said that the safety and security of its guests were a priority.

“Emergency phone numbers are printed on maps for guests to call in case of an emergency, and security staff keep watch on grounds around the clock,” he said.

“We have added security cameras, new path lighting and computer-controlled locks to track exit and entry. Additional path lighting is planned for the new African Grasslands exhibit, and more cameras will be installed to monitor the grounds and gates.”

The incident is under investigation.


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